Behind The Great Philanthropist, Adam Milstein

While so much has been put to ink, Adam Milstein is a man that wears one too many hats.

Aged 64, and perhaps Israel’s most renowned philanthropist attests that this had not always been the case. The successful real estate developer Hails from Haifa and Grew up in Israel where he also served in the army. Not so much could be said of philanthropy in the community. He got acquainted at the age of 15 by his modern orthodox business partner, and has continued to live by example.

You’d be mistaken to think that this was hard for Gila, his wife. For the woman behind the successful real estate developer, she has, and continues to be the soul steering the program. Together they have gone ahead to establish Adam and Gila Foundation that strives to empower the state of Israel and strengthen the Jewish people. She is the president of the stand by me Foundation which is a charitable organization that helps families combat cancer.

A father of three Adam Milstein brags of having a lovely and supportive family that has been core in his tremendous success.

With a very active social media presence, on Twitter he has positively used social media to reach a wider audience and expand his circle of friends, partners and consequently boosting his pool of ideas from corners of the world. Adam believes that for everything he does he has to do it well.

Among all his charitable organizations synergy drives all philanthropy programs. Those that qualify for funding must have the capacity to stand on their own as well as support other programs in future.

Enough experience has taught Adam what works and what doesn’t. He indeed counts, himself lucky to be in such a fortunate position. Blessed so many resources and great connections at his beck and call, he has every possible opportunity to make an impact on humanity.


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  1. Active Philanthropy, as well as life path impact, have remained constant with all the programs they support. Adam beckons that if you are a giver God will make you successful so you can give more. It should also mean for sure that bestessay would indeed not provide them with adequate necessities even if it means something else.

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