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Betsy DeVos and the Importance of a Quality Education

Issues such as poverty have continued to grow within the United States despite the many initiatives to fight unemployment as well as healthcare issues. As a result of this growing issue, the private sector as reached out to help and to attempt to spur economic growth through investments. Of the many companies and of the many families that have reached out to communities across the United States, the DeVos family is one of the most generous and most caring families in the United States that looks to not only spur economic growth, but also looks to spread the well being of individuals across the country. The DeVos family is known for the family owned business known as Amway Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company that sells household products all over the world that are both of the highest quality as well as inexpensive for the average consumer no matter what country they come from.

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Richard DeVos founded Amway Corporation many years ago and has inspired many along the way. Of the many inspired, his son, Dick DeVos, had made it his goal to continue and to grow what his father had started. Thanks to both Richard and thanks to Dick DeVos, Amway Corporation has grown into a fruitful company that not only seeks out profits from all over the world, but also seeks out to provide the consumers with the best product possible. Dick DeVos, like his father, has inspired many along the way, and has created a long-lasting family legacy.

Dick DeVos has become more and more like his father in more than one way. Dick DeVos is not only a sharp business man with a love for his family company, but Dick DeVos is also a generous individual who believes that the wealth that he and his company has accumulated over the years should be shared wealth by individuals all over the county. Dick DeVos found that success is not made from the profits that are earned, but is instead made from what is done with the profits and how the profits have benefited others. Dick DeVos has created a family legacy that will be a generous legacy.

Betsy and Dick DeVos make numerous donations on an annual basis. Of the many initiatives that the family supports, Dick and Betsy DeVos find the importance in the emphasis on education. Dick and Betsy DeVos find education to be the key to future growth as well as the key to improve the overall well being of the individual. For future plans, Dick and Betsy DeVos will continue funding scholarships for four-year colleges and will continue to donate money towards the building of bigger and better schools that teach children the importance of a quality education. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.