Cassio Audi’s Life in Music

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian-born financial and investment expert. He is a graduate with honors in MBA and BA from Sao Paulo University and Pontifical Catholic University respectively. Audi started his music life in 1985 and was an excellent player of drums in the Viper band. He was one of the founding members along four other young Brazilians. Their music life was influenced by the emerging British heavy metal, in particular, Iron Maiden. Audi was involved during the release of Soldiers of the Rising Sun, the band’s first album. It included tracks such as Killera the princes from Hell, Signs of the Night and Nightmares. Cassio, along other band members, were greatly talented making them popular to both fans and critics. This led to their album being highly rated. It remains popular until now.

Transformation of the Investment Industry

Audi left the band in 1989 and joined university to venture into financial and investment careers. His passion and energy propelled him into excelling in his courses and he channels the same into the world of investment industry. He is a well-known, reliable and skilled investment manager in the Brazilian investment management industry. He was the chief financial officer of Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners and Rossi and a director of other investment firms. He is involved in making investment securities to the satisfaction of both the clients and the firm. Audi’s excellent plans,honesty and outstanding expertise in strategizing financial business, have enabled most of his clients to experience increased returns as well as enjoy their financial growth. This has made him an esteemed leader in the investment world of Brazil.

Skills and Passion

Audi has operated in huge national and cosmopolitan industries enabling him to gain wide knowledge and skills in financial planning, management equities, strategic forecasting, leadership, business planning, project management, investor relations, entrepreneurship change and many more. Audi is a dedicated investment manager who assists and advises people on the right way to invest their money.