Prison Communication

How Securus Technologies is Fighting Corruption

As a corrections officer in a very busy prison, I have to wear several hats each day in order to keep the working environment safe. If we were to relax our methods for even a minute, the inmates would be in the position to cause serious harm to other inmates and my fellow officers. In order to keep our prison as safe as possible, here are just some of the things we need to do each day.

We start every day making sure that each visitor to the jail is free of contraband that may wind up in the hands of the inmates. While most visitors are not willing to serve jail time for trying to smuggle contraband into the jail, there are some who think getting friends the things they need is worth the risk. Gang members will easily take the risk because they earn credibility with their superiors if caught trying to help their fellow gang members.

Each day we take to surprise inspections for locating any contraband that may have slipped by the visitor center and is hidden by the inmates in the cells. The inmates are very crafty at keeping things out of sight, so we have to work hard to find anything that should not be inside those cells.

When Securus Technologies completed the installation of our inmate phone system, we didn’t realize at the time that we had one of the more powerful tools at our disposal for finding contraband. While monitoring the calls, the system picked up on chatter between inmates discussing one of our officers. It came to be that this officer was selling his prescription medication to certain inmates, and making a substantial amount of money each week while making the jail dangerous for all of us.

Using the Securus Technologies LBS software, we were able to catch the officer in the act and take him off the police force.