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Nine9’s CEO Shares His Secrets for Success

Culture has always naturally gravitated towards individuals who are able to realize their dreams and aspirations can become more than simply nice plans or thoughts. Whether it is the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos the lives, advice, and stories of successful people who took the chance on their own path captures the curiosity of culture. Though curiosity surrounds these individuals often at times there does not exist a platform for people to connect with successful CEOs and leaders of industry and more information click here.

Luckily for our curiosity IdeaMensch has created the perfect platform for leaders of industry, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to reach out to the public. Every piece published on the platform provides readers with an in-depth look into the lives, lessons, and failures of the most successful people of our time and what Nine9 knows.

This week IdeaMensch played host to the man planning on revolutionizing the entertainment industry with his new talent agency built around providing prospective talent with more than audition dates.

Anthony Toma and Nine9 Redefine an Industry

Anthony Toma gave readers of IdeaMensch a glimpse into the personal life behind one of the most successful talent agencies taking over the market right now. Stories of what makes Nine9 different from other agencies, what trends within the entertainment industry excite Anthony, and how he manages to stay productive each morning despite a busy schedule were all put on full display for the world. Anthony Toma even was kind enough to provide readers with a little inspiration for ideas that may eventually be able to save lives and Nine9 of Facebook.

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