Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Makes Innovative Products To Help Jail Officials

I was amazed to see the way in which the products, as well as services provided by Securus Technologies, are helping jail officials in nabbing criminals in a highly innovative way. This way it can be said that Securus Technologies is also responsible for making the community a much better and safer place to live in.


In fact, I am well aware that Securus Technologies is receiving thousands of emails as well as formal letters all the time from jail officials to inform about incidences where they could nab criminals with their products.


The prison officials call them up even when they are in the midst of some investigation. This can be to know about one of their products or any specific thing like the covert alert feature. This is used to know about contraband coming in. This way the officials were able to catch the suspect red-handed and take him into their custody.


I have seen mails where the jail officials inform about listening to calls between inmates which help them to solve a case. These chats inform them about any guns sneaking in, or already being used by an inmate. This helps them to nab the culprit and stop any incident before it can take place. It also tells them about any drugs coming in, being circulated or even being used in the jail premises. Hence prison officials get the right information and can take the proper measures.


Securus Technologies is extending an open invitation to the existing facility customers and their prospective investors as well as customers. They want them to visit their Technology Center. This is located in Dallas, Texas. They are coming out with new products, services and features nearly every week and would like to present these to all of them to help them.