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The Business Story of José Auriemo Neto and the Success of JHSF

Being highly prominent in the Real Estate market of Brazil, meet JHSF, one of the leading realty companies in Latin America, which is growing so fast that people involved in the business, should learn about the enterprise as soon as possible and read full article.

While the real estate industry in Brazil is quite lucrative, no other company has achieved what JHSF, a pioneer in the field, did. The company was founded in 1972, by the brothers and co-workers Fábio e José Roberto Auriemo, in an attempt to develop alongside the growing real estate market in the country. As the nation was quickly developing to become a modern nation, especially in the most critical states like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the realty field was growing exponentially fast as more buildings, taller than before, were being constructed to house an over-increasing number of residents in the metropolitan center.

The President of the company is José Auriemo Neto, which is the first-born son of Fábio Auriemo. He is leading the company and has already achieved a lot of success as the newest leader of the corporation, improving the JHSF’s performance in the last few years by around 15%.

Among the biggest projects of the JHSF group, they have buildings in the largest metropolitan centers in the country, more notably, the Vitra building, designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, and it is ranked among the best building designs in the world, recognized and studied by architects all over the globe.

They are not only excellent at designing buildings that stand out and are examples of exceptional architecture, but they have also earned the “Green Building” certification to some of their constructions, more notably the firm complex in “Parque Cidade Jardim.” They are sustainable projects that are examples of structures that do not harm the environment and learn more about Auriemo.

Among their biggest awards, the JHSF Group has earned the PINI Prize of “Planned Audacity,” and the Vitra building was ranked among the top 10 buildings in the world. They also received from PINI, in 2014, the title of “Best Corporation in Brazil” and on the same year, the Catarina Fashion Outlet won the “featured in other formats” prize from the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers.