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Wen Conditioner: A Bustle Review

If you’re thinking about changing your shampoo or conditioner, it may be time to consider becoming a Wen customer. The brand has been endorsed by several celebrities, and Wen products are natural and infused with essential oils. There are no harsh chemicals in WEN cleansing and styling items, and the brand offers cleansing conditioners instead of conventional shampoo to nourish the hair during cleansing.

Still on the fence about trying Wen? Check out this Bustle review from Emily McClure to help you make up your mind. McClure sampled the Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days, and here’s what she found out.

On the first day, Emily says that the conditioner worked well on her hair. Even though she had to use a lot of product to get the desired result, her hair felt thicker and softer right away. Near the middle of the experiment, she noticed that her hair fell fast after heat styling, since the conditioner made her hair oilier. However, she was still pleased overall with the way the product made her hair look. Near the end of the week when she was out with friends, she got compliments on her Twitter photo on how shiny and healthy her hair looked.

McClure says she would definitely use the product again. She also shares that Wen Fig conditioner is great for women who want to make their hair appear thicker and fuller. For more product information, visit Also check out the official Chaz Dean store here:

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