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Whitney Wolfe Leading Her Brand To Next Level

Back in the day when Bumble was first becoming the big app for women, it stood as the empire that would empower women to take charge of their love life. It became such a successful app that the team grew, the app was being downloaded by millions worldwide, and it became the app to use for finding friendship, dates, and even love. Bumble today is definitely gonna continue growing, and Whitney Wolfe wants to ensure that the app is going to improve with their original values intact. It’s easy for a business to forget about the founding team who helped support their vision.

Wolfe realized that she needed to honor and impact those who took a chance on the dating app in the first place when it was launched. Very recently, she was put together in the same room for an interview with the founders of other successful apps like UrbanSitter, Take The Lead, among several others. It became very clear that they all shared the same values, and they all spoke to give information, knowledge, and great advice for those trying to build their own startup.

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In terms of finding the right people for Bumble, they spoke briefly about knowing how to trust your values and to find people who value what you believe in as a business. This is why it’s so important to celebrate those who do believe in your startup and what you stand for as a company.

Whitney Wolfe knows firsthand what it’s like to not be appreciated. She helped create Tinder, but after being mistreated, she moved on and made her very own app which is on its way to stardom worldwide. Bumble today is the one app everyone needs to be on, and there is no doubt that their future growth is going to continue massively.

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