Wild Ark Eco-Tourism

Wild Ark is an organization founded to help protect various ecosystems around the world. Greenbelts rich in biodiversity are identified and set up as protected landscapes. Just as Noah’s Ark aimed at saving the animals, Wild Ark strives to do the same. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, they set about with a team of people to save whatever is left of the precious ecosystem for future generations. The organization also gives people the chance to study and do research, with the hope of getting more and more people interested in this project.

The courses are based on practical experience and have been put to the test by the Wild Ark Team. Most of the courses are done in South Africa and Botswana. There is a total of eight different courses. The courses range from bird watching and photography to animal tracking and safaris. The idea here is to turn these activities into an educational experience, rather than just another exercise is tourism. This is in direct contrast to the classroom and book reading form of wildlife education. The result of this is that the participant will walk away from it knowing what the ground realities are of wildlife and ecological conservation.

Besides Mark and Sophie Hutchinson the group has many highly-qualified people who work tirelessly to make this project a success. These are not your average people who happened to stumble upon this line of work. All of them are passionate nature loving people. For example, surfing legend Mick Fanning has tossed his surfboard in exchange for wildlife conservation and joined the group. All of the team members passion is reflected by their upbringing and outlook. The common thread that links them all is that they want to leave the planet a better place compared to how they found it. As the team grows so do the areas in which they are involved in. Apart from the African bush, Wild Ark is making its presence felt all around the world.

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